If you ever asked yourself

  • How can I get that youthful, beautiful glow naturally and safely?
  • How can I simplify my beauty routine?
  • How can I feel beautiful even when I don’t believe I do?
  • How can I get that eco chic look?

you came to the right place.

You can have the look you dream of with doing what women did for centuries to effectively beautify themselves. And doing some new things too.

I’ll give you systematic step-by-step instructions that are fun and very effective.

You will learn wonderful tips and recipes for luxurious treatments and concoctions that you can make yourself for almost nothing!

And you’ll learn how to free yourself from the oppressive beauty lies you hear all over the media so you can discover and develop your unique beauty and body image.

At times it may get a little controversial, counter-cultural, and debunk some myths. But it will be stimulating!

So what is eco beauty look you ask? Here are some definitions:



Means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. In beauty, eco pertains to safety as it relates to your body.

Did you know that what you put on your skin, your largest organ, can ultimately end up in your body stream and adversely affect your health?

That in a typical day, you might be exposed to over 200 different harmful chemicals that hide in your beauty products? And that right now, cosmetics companies can put just about anything in their products – even chemicals associated with cancer?

But I have good news! Many traditional beauty products and methods that are still in use across the world are safe and often more effective then modern techniques.


2014-01-01_1825Whether you want to believe it or not – you are beautiful!

Think about it: You are unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable. You are wonderfully made by the Creator. Never in the history of humankind has there been another you, nor will there ever be.

Beauty is not about what we are presenting but what we are expressing. The eco beauty approach is not about making you into a “different” more beautiful you; it’s not about “fixing” flaws or artificially altering your unique beauty blueprint.

It’s about enhancing rather than masking your features. It’s about being yourself and loving it.

Digging out the diamond that is already there and it bringing it to light.


A look incorporates the whole, not just the individual pieces.

In a beautiful symphony, it’s the composition of all instruments skillfully played together in harmony that brings about music that can take away your breath.

Likewise, a beautiful look is more than a pretty face, a new hair style or a perfect manicure. Or a new outfit.

It is the collective expression of inner and outer well being: a hearty attitude, clothes you feel good in, a healthy diet. The way you talk and walk. Great skin. Your love for life and people.

And how being happy with the way you look on the outside will in turn make you feel more beautiful on the inside.

a little bit about me

2014-01-01_1809I was born in Brazil and raised in a family of German immigrants. It was from my mother who grew up in a farm that I first learned about simple natural ways for live holistically. My mother had zero tolerance for synthetics, whether in food, clothing, the environment or medicine. She did not need a doctor for most of her life and had flawless skin that made her look years younger.

I was also much inspired by the beautiful Brazilian women I grew up with. Brazilian women are known for their beauty and to this day use many natural skincare routines to look absolutely amazing. Living in Brazil also taught me the beauty of simplicity.

After studying in Germany, my love of adventure led me to travel extensively before moving to the US where I got a degree in Fashion Design at FIDM. I have been an avid researcher of natural beauty alternatives as it relates to health, wellness and nutrition, culture, the environment, eco-travel, sustainable living and fashion.

One of my big passions and mission in life is to share a better way to beauty: One that is simple, safe, inexpensive and dignified. I believe that we can find in God’s creation everything we need to look and feel beautiful just as we were meant to be J

I now live in New Jersey with my husband Diego and our sweet Parsons Terrier rescue dog Jericho.


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    Hi Carmen,
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    Very interesting information you blog about.

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