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By now, you have probably heard more then once how good dark chocolate is for your health. And if you are a chocolate lover like me you are making good use of this delicious way of getting loads of antioxidants into your body.

Bud did you know that dark chocolate can also do wonders for your skin? Check out these yummy DIY Beauty recipes using chocolate as their main ingredient to pamper your skin. The best part? You can relish the left over if there are any 🙂

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Pretty as a Rose

Six Easy Ways to Use {untreated} Roses for Your Beauty

2014-01-01_1832Raise your hand if you, like me, LOVE roses and feel a little sad every time that lovely bouquet starts to wilt? Do you too wish you knew how to use those beautiful petals in some other way?  Well, I have compiled six magnificent recipes on how you can extend the life of those wilted roses to greatly benefit your skin! Continue Reading

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7 Fantastic Ways to Use Lemon in Your Beauty Routine

Did you know that our skin accounts for 22 square feet of the average body and is often considered the most important of our organs? It helps shield us from pollutants we come across when taking strolls outside- and even while we’re taking a snooze at home. While skin easily protects us from external harm, it also absorbs whatever concoctions we may choose to apply.                                                                             Continue Reading

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DIY Coconut Deodorant

Why it makes sense to make your own

Did you know that your underarm skin is one of the most sensitive areas in your body? And that most synthetic deodorants contain chemicals such as parabens and aluminium salt, which can be harmful or irritating to the skin? Even more disturbingly, there have been concerns that aluminium salts in deodorant could be linked to breast cancer! Continue Reading

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Pure Water

The ultimate anti-aging booster

When it comes to your skin, water is what keeps it moist and smooth the most. It prevents it from drying out, helps maintain elasticity and gives your skin that healthy glow. Now, because water is lost in large quantities every day, you need to replace it. But here is the thing: water will reach all the other organs BEFORE it reaches the skin. Meaning,  you need to drink plenty of it to increase hydration and help prevent wrinkles. Continue Reading